Star trackers are devices used for measuring the line-of-sight vector to celestial objects that can be seen by the sensor. These sensors keep a map of a certain segment of the universe in memory and compare this map with the star constellation visible through the sensor FOV. If the comparison is successful, the satellite’s attitude is defined in roll, pitch and yaw.

Flight-proven Star Tracker ST-1 is featured with the SoC system circuit and optimized design of star catalogue and star map recognition processing algorithm. As one of the smallest star sensors in the market, the Star Tracker ST-1 can achieve observation accuracy 10″(3\sigma), dynamic performance 1.5°/s.

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Last updated: 2021-04-22

Star Tracker ST-1



Data update rate
5 Hz
field of view (full)
Ф 21°
power consumption
1.2 W
operating temperature
-30 to 40 C
108 g


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