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The NFSS-411 was first flown in 2007. Since then, it has been used on a number of constellations with a total of over 100 delivered. The NCSS-SA05 has also been delivered, more than one hundred units, to a multitude of international satellite programmes. The front surface of the NewSpace Systems (NSS) NFSS-411 sensor is a synthetic sapphire window with a reflective metal coating beneath. Slits are etched in the metal and sunlight passes through them and through an optical filter onto a sensor. The charge on the photo-sensors are read by the microcontroller which processes the image and computes the sun vector. The NSS Fine Sun Sensor accepts the configuration commands and outputs digital angles and telemetry over a serial interface to the on-board computer. The unit can be powered from unregulated DC power from the spacecraft.


field of view140 deg
update rate5 Hz
field of view accuracy< 0.1 deg
length34 mm
width32 mm
height20 mm
mass< 35 g
maximum power130 mW
power< 37.5 mW
operating temperaturemin: -25 C, max: 70 C
mechanical vibration16.3 Grms
voltage dcmin: 5 V, max: 50 V
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