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The NewSpace stellar gyroscope uses a COTS sensor and optics resulting in a very low cost attitude determination system that maintains accuracy during the eclipse phase. It can achieve this by using algorithms that tolerate noise and does not require a star database. It is thus far more robust against radiation damage than a standard star mapper solution would be if based on the same components.

The NewSpace stellar gyroscope can be used to propagate a spacecraft’s attitude from a known initial condition, without drift, while sufficient stars are common across frames. The image-based rotation estimates can complement a set of MEMS rate gyroscopes to maintain a high accuracy attitude estimate at low angular rates (where MEMS gyroscope drift is most severe).


mass< 100 g
update rate> 1 Hz
length37.0 mm
width35.5 mm
height49.0 mm
operating temperaturemin: -25 C, max: 50 C
mechanical vibration14 Grms
voltage dc5 V
power< 200 mW



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Last updated: 2019-01-31