Measuring 60 millimeters by 100 millimeters, the OEM4-G2L is designed to meet the increasing need for smaller systems. At just 56 grams, this receiver offers many advanced features, including two serial ports supporting speeds up to 230,400 bits per second, a USB port, and a configurable PPS output and event mark inputs. The OEM4-G2L is also ideal for power-conscious applications, consuming less than 1.6 Watts typically.

The OEM4-G2L offers 24-channel “all-in-view” tracking and patented Pulse Aperture Correlator™ (PAC) technology, which virtually eliminates the effects of multipath. This high performance receiver is available in multiple models, including L1 and L1/L2, and features optional support for SBAS corrections, such as those generated by the WAAS and EGNOS systems. For demanding applications, RT-2® technology provides centimeter-level real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning.


mass56 g
length60 mm
height16 mm
power1.6 W
voltage dc3.3 V
operating temperaturemin: -40 C, max: 85 C
width100 mm



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