NPC Spacemind is offering cost-effective in-orbit demonstration (IOD) availability on two upcoming CubeSat launches.

The company is to fly the CubeSats in October 2022 and is offering payload capacity to third parties, with the following specifications:

  • A total of 2U of payload capacity is available on each of the satellites
  • Capacity may be purchased in its entirety or as fractions of a unit (e.g. 0.25U, 0.5U, 1U etc.)
  • The cost is based on €10,000 per unit
  • The payload should be compliant with the CubeSat Design Specification (CDS) standard
  • The required power supply should be 3,3V / 5V / 12V regulated – with a maximum output of 2,5A
  • The payload should feature the ability to be activated and deactivated as needed

For data collection purposes, the payload's IOD results need to be compatible with the following OBC-acquirable signals/values to be downlinked to the ground:

  • Analog values (eg voltages, current)
  • Digital signal (H/L)
  • Platform attitude change - e.g. a propulsion system may be activated and a change in the satellite's orbital data can be observed, or reaction wheels can be activated and the satellite's attitude changes can be recorded

Mission timeline

  • Payload delivery to NPC Spacemind facility = week 1 of June 2022
  • NPC Spacemind to deliver the satellite = week 1 of July 2022
  • Launch currently scheduled for October 2022

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Last updated: 2022-05-06

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