SP00 is an intestage to be integrated in 2U Cubesat Structure between 2 single SP1X Solar panel on XY side. The product is conceived to fit between the panels and provide an external communication interface as standard. As option, 4 RBF circuit can be added on SP00 (2 Physical and 2 Electrical).

SP00 Interstage can be included also in 3U Structure in case single SP1X Solar Panels are exploited: in this case 2 SP00 shall be integrated on each XY side. The product can be highly customized and realized ad hoc for specific application requirements.

Product Code: SM-SP00

* 2U/3U Cubesat solar panel interstage

* Compatible with 3U/2U SM Cubesat structure

* To be integrated with use of SM1X

* Mass:10g

* External Communication port

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Last updated: 2020-04-06

SP00 - Solar panel interstage



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