SM-SP is a family of Solar Panels designed by NPC Spacemind in order to provide a modular and flexible solution for nanosatellite application. The product is designed in to be fully compliant with SM Cubesat Structures as well as with commercial on the shelf and custom-made cubesat components. The product family includes panels for X/Y/Z sides of 1U/2U/3U Cubesats. As standard, SM Solar panels includes a set of sensors such as thermal sensor, coarse sun sensor, IMU9DOF and a user definable communication port. As option, embedded configurable magnetorquer (MTQ) and up 4 separate RBF circuits can be included. In case of specific mission requirement specific solutions can be realized both in terms of electrical performances and specific panels shape and cutout. For additional info [email protected]

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Last updated: 2020-04-06

SP1X - 1U Cubesat Solar Panel XY



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