O.C.E. Technology's (OCE) RW270 is a ball-bearing reaction wheel system for exerting inertia within the attitude control system of a satellite. It includes a brushless DC motor, reaction wheel body, base, welding ring, bearing components and control circuit board.

The reaction wheel receives commands from the on-board computer (OBC) which controls the brushless DC motor through the control circuit. The DC motor drives the reaction wheel body rotating as instructed by the OBC. By utilizing angular momentum and reaction torque generated by wheel rotation and acceleration/deceleration seperately, the satellite attitude can be adjusted and controlled.



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Last updated: 2021-06-11

RW270 Reaction Wheel



> 5 yr
maximum power
< 48 W
steady state power
< 10 W
maximum angular speed
4500 rpm
22 to 42 V
maximum torque
0.075 N m
maximum momentum storage
12 N m s
112 mm
270 mm
7.3 kg


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