The AstroTube Max is based on a flight-proven, novel deployment mechanism and a nested stack of outer telescopic tubes. This results in a low complexity, highly versatile boom system for a variety of mission requirements.

The AstroTube Max can be both partially and fully deployed as well as retracted.

Via the addition of rifling, the boom can offer unlimited rotation at any point during the deployment/retraction.


  • Large Antenna Placement
  • Instrument Positioning
  • Thruster Deployment
  • Gravity Gradient Stabilisation

Key features

  • Scalable: 1 – 15m
  • Tuneable Stiffness
  • Single Shot, Partial Deployment or Fully Retractable
  • Variable Form Factor/Stowage Envelope
  • Unlimited Rotation Options

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Last updated: 2022-05-27

Deployable Boom - AstroTube Max



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