CubeSat Kit™ Battery Module 1 (BM 1)


The CubeSat Kit™ Battery Module 1 (BM 1) incorporates and protects two independent 7.4V Li-Ion 18650 batteries from overcurrent (OC), overvoltage (OV), overtemperature (OT) and undervoltage (UV) conditions. The batteries – each with two cells (nom. 3.7V) in series – are connected to the CubeSat Kit Bus Connector for use with Electrical Power Systems (EPS) designed for Lithium-chemistry batteries. Each 20Wh battery consists of two 18650 Li-Ion cells connected in series (2S1P). The two batteries – comprising 40Wh of storage in total – operate completely independently of each other, sharing only their (protected) – and + terminals. To the CubeSat, the two batteries of the Battery Module appear as being effectively connected in parallel (2S2P). Each pair of 18650 cells is connected to its own dedicated battery protection circuit consisting of a dual-cell Li-Ion battery protection chip and related components (e.g., power MOSFETs). This protection circuitry automatically and autonomously disconnects the battery from any load when an OC, OV and/or UV fault condition is detected, independent of the supervisor MCU (see below) and the actions of an external charger. Such conditions can occur e.g. from load short circuits, battery charger malfunctions, and inadvertent battery depletion.


mass310 g
battery pack power40 Wh
length90 mm
height21.75 mm
operating temperaturemin: -40 C, max: 85 C
width96 mm



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Last updated: 2018-07-13