The Payload Adapter Plate is used on the payload end of CubeSat Kit™ structure. Precision constructed from Al 5052-H32 and plated according to the CubeSat Design Specification (CDS), each Payload Adapter Plate is secured to the Chassis Walls via four M3 flathead stainless-steel screws. The Payload Adapter Plate is used as a bulkhead between the sheetmetal Chassis Walls and an external payload (typically machined from aluminum) that is mounted to the Payload Adapter Plate via an M3 bolt square pattern. By selecting an appropriately-sized Chassis Walls, you can build a hybrid sheetmetal + machined aluminum CubeSat structure, or attached "solid" structural elements to your CubeSat Kit™ structure. The Payload Adapter Plate is often paired with a Payload Cover Plate Assembly, with a machined aluminum user payload located between them.

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Last updated: 2020-06-05

Payload Adapter Plate



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