The Redwire Space Star Field Simulator is a hardware in the loop simulator that provides as-you-fly operation of the Redwire Model 82920 Star Tracker in a simulated night sky enviroment. The Star Field Simulator offers several modes including predefined flight through user-defined night sky segments, externally driven orientation used in a closed-loop environment, and prerecorded night sky tracking data. This mode flexibility enables the star field simulator to accelerate the entire vehicle flight control development cycle from initial star tracker integration to full flight simulations. For example, flight systems engineers can use the star field simulator to explore operational scenarios such as different rates of motion, vehicle control scenarios, or pointing transitions.

In addition to system integration and simulation support, the star field simulator provides a testbed to verify star tracker operation saving valuable system troubleshooting labor and schedule time during build and test cycles.

When combined with Redwire’s Advanced Configurable Open-system Research Network (ACORN), the star field simulator enables full digital mission engineering, mitigating risk and increasing mission assurance.

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Last updated: 2022-02-16

Star Field Simulator



5 kg
200 mm
610 mm
180 mm


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