The Revolv Space Solar Array Rotary Actuator (SARA) is a rotary actuator designed for rotating the solar arrays to meet the power and lifetime requirements.

SARA is a fully autonomous solution that includes deployment, rotation, sun sensing and control.

SARA is a standardized plug-and-play subsystem with a dedicated onboard computer software and algorithm that is partially onboard and partially on the ground.

Rotating solar arrays can also be used for modifying the atmospheric drag on the satellite. Based on the differential drag technique, the rotary actuators can also be potentially used for changing the relative position of the satellite in a constellation.

As opposed to fixed array solutions, the rotary solar arrays solutions by design will require a smaller surface to achieve the same power.

Key features

  • Suitable for nanosatellite constellations
  • Suitable for constellation-phasing and station-keeping operations
  • Continuous operations
  • Reduced constellation downtime
  • Software supporting formation-keeping throughout the mission

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Last updated: 2022-02-22

Solar Array Rotary Actuator (SARA)



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