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The SEEING 1.5-m system is designed to offer a GSD of 1.5 m from 500 km. It features a 2D Field of View of 10 x 7 km², corresponding to a 6600 x 4400 pixel image, with a trace width of 10 km. The system has an operational lifetime of 5-10 years and a large area detector with Full Frame 24 x 36 CMOS (or CCD) sensor offering 29 Mpixels.

Multi or hyper spectral imaging is possible through high performance, diffraction limited optics designed for 480 – 900 nm allowing flexible spectral band selection with a 2D structured spectral filter located just in front of the detector. Hyperspectral imagery can be considered with linear variable filter and pixel grouping for best SNR.

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Last updated: 2021-05-19

SEEING 1.5-m / 0.75-m



6 kg
200 mm
200 mm
250 mm
power consumption
30 W
10 km @ 500 km
ground sample distance
1.5 m @ 500 km
focal ratio
image sensor type
Image sensor resolution
29 MP
> 100 (PAN)


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