The Satlab QubeAIS is a fully self-contained SDR based Automatic Identification System receiver (AIS), suitable for LEO satellite missions. Using less than 1 W during full load, this versatile SDR offers excellent performance given the typical constraints of a CubeSat - or as secondary payload on larger satellites. The receiver is software configurable for simultaneous reception of either AIS channels 1 & 2 (162 MHz) or the long-range channels 3 & 4 (156.8 MHz).

The QubeAIS is flight proven on several CubeSat and microsatellite missions, including AAUSAT3 flying in a 800 km polar orbit with a dipole antenna.

The key features include:

  • Easy to configure stand-alone AIS receiver
  • In-orbit configurable for 162 MHz or 156.8 MHz long-range AIS channels
  • Possible to download raw IF spectrum samples
  • Flight heritage from multiple CubeSat and micro-satellite missions
  • 1 GB of onboard data storage

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Last updated: 2020-10-25

QubeAIS software-defined AIS receiver for CubeSats



data interface
mechanical vibration
14.1 Grms
lead time1
8 week
data storage
1 GB
< 55 g
power consumption2
< 1 W

1. Standard lead time

2. during full load

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