The Energy Harvesting System (EHS) module is designed for performing solar energy harvesting in collaboration with up to 9 solar cells arrays combined into two groups each connected to a high-efficiency dc-dc power converter integrated with solar cell maximum point power tracking. The module implements an ideal diode operation for each solar input channel.


  • Up to 96% of power converter efficiency for wide range of input voltage range.
  • MPPT based on the perturb-and-observe algorithm. A fixed, software-controlled solar array point of the operation is also available.
  • Continuity of energy harvesting under the logic section permanent failure.
  • Output regulated power bus designed for co-operation with 3S battery pack based power system architecture.
  • FRAM
  • Individual power system for the logic section with fault handling functionality and external on/off the logic section controlling.

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Last updated: 2021-06-25

Energy Harvesting System



69 g
98 mm
95 mm
9.7 mm
input voltage
< 17 V (single converter)
input current
< 1 A (single channel)
< 3 A (single converter)
data interface
operating temperature
-40 to 85 C


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