Based on great interest and success of SatRevolution SW1FT mission (shared platform for in-orbit demonstration on track to launch December 2020), our team is happy to announce next mission to host external payloads and provide in-orbit services related to Earth-Observation.

STORK is a 3U CubeSat based on SatRevolution NanoBus with flight heritage to launch mid-2021. Aimed at EO-related service provision, we currently have capacity for external payloads. Whether you’re looking for a simple in-orbit demonstration and verification, or you’re building a complex business case for your Earth-Observation systems and services, SatRevolution STORK is the right opportunity for you.

Equipped with SatRevolution Vision 300 optical payload and all necessary subsystems to provide service to payloads:

  • Power system with up to 50 W of peak power for external payloads
  • Optical payload with up to 5 m GSD
  • Advanced attitude determination and control system with up to 0.2 degrees of pointing accuracy
  • Redundant UHF communication system for command telemetry
  • S-band communication system for data downlink
  • All current payload interfaces available
  • 36 months of mission lifetime
  • Launch to 500+ km Sun-synchronous orbit in mid-2021
  • Range of innovative payload and data services available

SatRevolution STORK creates value in following (but not limited to) business cases:

  • Image processing, value-added Earth-observation services
  • Demonstration of Earth-observation-oriented technologies in real-life scenarios
  • Provision of services and data
  • Obtaining flight heritage for your sub-systems and componentry

Current available payload slots:

  • 6x of 0,25U slots
  • 3x of 0,5U slots
  • x 1U slot
  • 1x tuna-can external slot

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Last updated: 2021-03-22

STORK mission



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