EPS module (Electrical Power System) is responsible for performing energy harvesting, energy storage and energy distribution to other modules under controlled conditions to provide safety and proper operation of whole satellite.


* Cooperation with up to two 3S Li-ion battery pack.

* Support for wide range of solar panels configurations.

* Battery supervisory circuit.

* System redundancy, autonomous fault handling and recovery.


* Hardware protection from excessive discharging

* Hardware MPPT implementation

* Support for highly depleted battery charging

* User programable 2.5A or 4.6A maximum battery pack load current

* Unregulated battery voltage bus, two 3.3V bus and 1.8V bus in a redundant topology

* Configurable overcurrent protection for 1.8V bus in the range of 100mA to 600mA and for

* 3V bus in the range of 100mA to 2A with a soft-start for cooperation with sensitive loads

* Programmable level of overvoltage and undervoltage thresholds

* I2C communication for diagnostic purposes

* Battery pack consists of 3 batteries (max 4,2V each and 3200mAh) connected in series

* Voltage at fully charge is 12,6V and 35Wh

* EPS module is able to provide 25W


* Mass: 590 g (with pack of batteries)

* Size: 96 x 96 x 1.6 mm3

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Last updated: 2020-06-10

Electrical Power System



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