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Iguana Imager


The Iguana imager consists of high performance optics with a large square aperture. The imager´s control electronics offers on-board image processing and an integrated high speed buffer. Compact enough to serve as the optical payload on a 16U CubeSat, this camera offers high performance in a compact envelope. Up to eight spectral bands spanning the visible and near-infra red domains can be defined to satisfy the end user´s individual needs. Bands are customizable on a per-satellite basis. Extensive integrated non-volatile on-board storage allows Iguana to be used without a separate mass storage unit. Together, these properties allow Iguana to satisfy demanding requirements for cost-effective performance vs mass in the CubeSat and microsatelite industry.


spatial resolution2 m
swath15 km
spectral bandmin: 450 nm, max: 950 nm
data storage 256 Gb
length22 cm
width22 cm
height33 cm
mass< 8 kg
power8 W
operating temperaturemin: 10 C, max: 40 C
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Last updated: 2018-07-13