Sinclair Interplanetary pioneered high-reliability vacuum-lubricated reaction wheels for picosatellites, nanosatellites and microsats. There are currently 76 wheels on-orbit, all working well.

All of these reaction wheels incorporate a built-in digital processor. They can be commanded over a serial bus to produce a desired speed, momentum or torque. They report digital telemetry concerning speed, temperature, voltage, current, and other health parameters.


maximum torquemin: -2 mN m, max: 2 mN m
voltagemin: 3.4 V, max: 6.0 V
maximum voltage8 V
torquemin: -0.5 mN m, max: 0.5 mN m
angular momentum storage0.03 N m s
maximum momentum storage0.04 N m s
cost25000 USD
operating temperaturemin: -40 C, max: 70 C
mechanical vibration> 12 Grms
radiation tolerance> 20 krad
mass185 g
length50 mm
width50 mm
height40 mm
maximum power1.8 W
steady state power0.3 W
full datasheet


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