The miniPATCH-L1 is a miniature version of the Space-Friendly™ GPS-L1 CubeSat Active Antenna module especially designed to provide strong signal for GPS satellites reception in space. Integrated Low Noise Amplifier as well as SAW filter are matched together with 35×35 mm patch antenna and sufficiently large (75×75 mm) ground plane. Easy-to-use MCX signal and power interface provides compact solution for all kind of projects where strong GPS signal reception with enough margins is required. The module shall be embedded into the satellite body close to conductive parts such as metallic sidewalls or PCB ground planes, to extend the existing antenna groundplane. Product is manufactured in two grades to satisfy both Engineering and Flight requirements. Modules (/EM, /FM) are electrically identical, however their chemical and mechanical properties allows it to be used in laboratory or space, respectively. The fully functional Engineering Model is finished by red coating with Remove Before Flight labelling.

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Last updated: 2021-02-12

Mini Active GPS-L1 Patch Antenna miniPATCH-L1

1,990 EUR



1575.42 MHz (GPS L1, mount-dependent)
antenna gain
1 dBiC (+20 dB LNA)
return loss
-10 dB
axial ratio
< 3 dB
40 g


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