The all-in-one NANOeps subsystem for CubeSats provides a highly integrated EPS that integrates the functions of a PCDU, a Battery Management Module (BMM) and up to two SA power conditioning modules with robust analog MPPTs. The NANOeps-BMM is highly scalable in terms of provided capacity and ranges from 31Wh up to 158Wh, having a specific energy of 79.41 to 113.38 Wh/kg and a voltage range of 8.7 V to 10.6 V, when fully charged. Thanks to SkyLabs innovative high efficiency inductive coupled battery balancer, the battery cells provide a lifetime of more than 15000 re-charge cycles @ 20% DoD (80% EOL capacity), i.e. 3 years in LEO. LiFePo4 battery cells provides superior thermal and chemical stability. To maximise the safety of battery cell and its capacity each battery cell has an integrated autonomous battery heater. The BMM provides a digital interface to enable TM acquisition of the battery pack voltages, current and temperatures.

The NANOeps is by design scalable to suit system requirements from 2U nanosatellites up to 20-50kg microsatellites. The NANOeps-PCDU interfaces are highly versatile and provide up to 5 deployment interfaces with redundant TLM inputs, an RBF pin and interfaces for up to 3 separation switches. The PCDU provides up to 23 dedicated (3V3, 5V, 12V and Unregulated), LCL protected output channels for use by the platform. Essential outputs channels can be configured in a redundant architecture, while each individual output channel has adjustable current of up to 5 Amps. The NANOeps-PCDU provides, over a digital interface, comprehensive local subsystem telemetry, output channels status and monitoring and TC control.

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