NANOlink-base is one of the top satellite radios for nano and micro scale satellites. The NANOlink is a full duplex CCSDS compliant S-band communication subsystem that provides the best SWaP-optimized product in its class. The full duplex communication subsystem is compliant with the CCSDS protocol specifications, while supporting configurable OQPSK modulation and frequency band parameters, and data rates of up to 4 Mbps on downlink and uplink. A comprehensive subsystem TM and TC is provided via a redundant communication bus. An advanced FDIR approach supervises the SDR logic and other critical parts of the subsystem. The NANOlink comes in three variants: The NANOlink-base, which provides all the functionality at an RF output power of up to 1W, with a power consumption of 6W. To extend the RF output power performance of the NANOlink-base, a NANOlink-boost variant is provided with highly efficient add-on RF amplifier module which boost the RF output power up to 5W (@ only 16 W power consumption). The third variant is the NANOlink-boost-dp which features the NANOlink-boost with an additional highly efficient RF signal diplexer and splitter/combiner in a single add-on module. The NANOlink-boost-dp provides two Tx/Rx antenna ports to enable satellite hemi-spherical coverage with two antennas. The NANOlink TRL level is 6, but with the upcoming launches in 2020 it will increase with the TRISAT (NANOlink 1st generation) and TRSAT-R missions (NANOlink 2nd generation) and in 2021 with 4 different commercial constellation missions. The NANOlink is fully compliant with SkyLabs skyEGSE, thus providing a true turnkey solution for communication over the RF link for purposes of AIT or even operations. The NANOlink is also compatible with the KSATlite Ground Station Network Infrastructure, that further shortens the required time to space.

skyEGSE-comm is a combined Ground Station Communication Stack that also functions as an Electrical Ground Support Equipment Stack for SkyLabs communication products (NANOlink and NANOcomm) and furthermore with complete NANOsky I platform and as such provides a turnkey solution practically out-of-the box. It implements a complete CCSDS compliant communication protocol, as well as supports all the required modulation and demodulation algorithms. It is SDR based, meaning that it can be interfaced with most existing Ground Station RF chains, as well as offers the possibility to perform upgrades to the various implemented algorithms. To further ease the integration with a customer's Mission Operations Software, skyEGSE-comm exposes all communication capability over a MQTT interface, allowing seamless integration over an Ethernet connection. In addition, equipment application libraries for NANOsky I subsystems are provided to the customer, enabling further integration into a Mission Operation Software or further customization for AIT purpose. The skyEGSE-comm support S-Band (NANOlink) and/or UHF-VHF bands (NANOcomm) communication.

SkyLabs delivers also skyEGSE-GUI tool, which provides an intuitive application to interface to any NANOsky I platform equipment and provides quick hands on experience with the equipment itself. The tool provides functionality of subsystem real-time TM monitoring, general status, TC for controlling specific subsystem functions, reading subsystem logs, parameterisation of subsystem specific settings, housekeeping TM analysis options, and execution of custom TM/TC commands. The tool offer capability to have concurrent connection with multiple subsystems and practically have an overview of the complete platform in a single skyEGSE-GUI tool.

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Last updated: 2020-06-30




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