The SkyLabs NANOeps-158W is an electric power system with scalable battery pack capacity of upto 158W suitable for nano and microsatellites. NANOeps is the second-generation flight proven system.

The system is designed to be one of the most advanced EPS systems on the market due to the integration of battery management module with integrated battery pack and power control and distribution unit.

The system is also an important subsystem of NANOsky second generation platform. The power distribution and battery management are fully autonomous in practical operation due to the several intelligent built-in functions.

Active balancing of the battery pack is designed to enable maximal battery cells protection through outstanding heating system and lifetime.

Up to two NANOamppt units can be fully compliant with NANOeps providing a safer and more accurate solar array energy conversion method using the SkyLab’s novel Analog MPPT feature.

The fault tolerance of the system by design offers higher reliability and robustness against Single Event Effects (SEE). The radiation hardness assurance is offered by SkyLab’s delicate selection process of components, their radiation characteristics and flight heritage.

The system is also designed to assure fault tolerance through latch-up protection by constant current monitoring and other mitigation techniques.

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Last updated: 2022-02-18

NANOeps-158W – All-in-one EPS subsystem



2030 g
193 mm
95 mm
91 mm
battery capacity
158 Wh
charge current
up to 18 A (continuous charge)
discharge current
up to 18 A (continuous charge)
54 A (peak)
operating temperature
-10 to 45 C
data interface
redundant CAN


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