The SkyLabs NANOimager is a miniaturised optical payload for nano and microsatellites. It consists of an imaging unit based on an enhanced InGaAs sensor sensitive in shortwave infrared region with a linear variable optical filter to achieve multispectral behaviour. The (optional) optics consist of modified COTS refractive optics with multiple lenses optimised to NIR/SWIR wavelengths. The focal length of 100mm and big aperture enable modest resolution (100m @ 500km in NIR/SWIR) appropriate for sensing vegetative and environmental processes on Earth, and SNR above 100 on each channel. Up to 20 non-overlapping bands covering wavelength region from 900nm to 1700nm and with resolution from 20 to 40 nm can be selected.

SWIR spectral channels extend the usable areas of different applications that can be covered by remote sensing such as: materials identification, wildfire response, environmental pollution observation, mining/geology, and agriculture (food security, drought stress, ...).

The NANOimager is designed as System-on-a-Chip (SoC) architecture with a PicoSkyFTTM soft-core processor, which incorporates several mitigation techniques to increase imager availability and reliability.

Key features:

  • On-board 6-axis motion sensor
  • Hot redundant mass storage
  • SoC powered by fault tolerant PicoSkyFT processor
  • SEE immune non-volatile MRAM memories for TM storage
  • EDAC/ECC protected memories
  • Advance three-level FDIR protection

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Last updated: 2021-05-19

NANOimager Miniaturised multispectral SWIR imager



820 g (with optics)
95 mm
91 mm
148 mm
power consumption
< 6.7 W (w/o TEC < 3 W)
supply voltage
5 V DC ± 10%
ground sample distance
100 m @ 500 km NIR/SWIR (with optional optics)
> 100 on each channel
spectral band
900 to 1700 nm
number of spectral bands
20 (non-overlapping)
focal length
100 mm
field of view
9.4 deg
data interface
CAN (for TM/TC)
LVDS (for high speed data transfer)


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