The NANOlink transceiver is designed for receiving and transmitting high data rates over large distances, while maintaining small size and mass and being the most power efficient product in its class. Highly miniaturised, NANOlink features in-orbit programmable Software Defined Radio (SDR) architecture, which enables the incorporation of various modulation schemes. High reliability is ensured via hot redundant transceivers and an advanced FDIR unit that supervises the SDR logic. The full duplex communication subsystem is compliant with CCSDS encoding/decoding with configurable modulation parameters and data rates, besides it is capable of delivering up to 1 W output power. A highly efficient add-on RF amplifier module is available which boost the output power up to 5 W. NANOlink features standard TM/TC channel via hot redundant CAN buses and a high speed LVDS interface. NANOlink-boost can be also turned into a C-Band transceiver to reach even higher data rates.

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Last updated: 2020-04-08

NANOlink SDR S-band transceiver



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