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Sun Sensor on a Chip (SSOC) is a two-axes and low cost sun sensor for high accurate sun-tracking, pointing and attitude determination. The device measures the incident angle of sun ray in two orthogonal axes, providing a high sensitivity based on the geometrical dimensions of the design. nanoSSOC sun sensor is based on MEMS fabrication processes to achieve high integrated sensing structures. nanoSSOC-A60 has tiny size, low weight and low power consumption to be the perfect ADCS solution for nanosatellite platforms like Cubesats.


field of viewmin: -60 deg, max: 60 deg
field of view accuracy< 0.5 deg
current< 2 mA
voltage5 V
length27.4 mm
width14 mm
height5.9 mm
mass4 g
operating temperaturemin: -30 C, max: 85 C
radiation tolerance< 100 krad
mechanical vibration14.1 Grms
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Last updated: 2018-03-26