The Solar MEMS MASS sensor series includes one accelerometer, one magnetometer, and one sun sensor to measure angle of sun-ray, DNI solar radiation and azimuth and elevation position of the device. This information is very useful to develop solar tracking controllers, with no other devices.

MASS-X measures the position of the device, the incidence angle of a sun ray, and the DNI solar radiation. It includes the following sensor units:

  • Sun Sensor model MASS-X from Solar MEMS Technologies
  • 3-axes accelerometer
  • 3-axes magnetometer

Its characteristics make it a suitable tool for high accurate sun-tracking and positioning systems, with low power consumption and high reliability. Different models of the MASS-X are offered, differing in the field of view (FOV) of the sensor. The accuracy of the sensor is inversely proportional to this field of view.

The MASS sensor series has been designed with a unique and novel own technology based on MEMS fabrication processes to achieve high integrated sensing structures at low cost.

The MASS sensor series can be utilized in a wide array of applications, including:

  • Sun tracking/pointing systems
  • Heliostats
  • Attitude control using light sources
  • Aircraft attitude control
  • Satellite attitude control
  • Determination of sun radiation

Some key features of the MASS-X sensor include:

  • Sun-ray angle for close-loop control
  • Azimuth and elevation for open-loop control
  • Tilt, Roll, Hard iron compensation included
  • DNI radiation measurement
  • MODBUS over RS-485
  • Reduced size
  • Low weight
  • IP65 protection
  • Reverse polarity protection

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Last updated: 2022-05-05

MASS-X - Integrated Digital Sensor



lead time
6 to 7 wk
100 g
80 mm
27 mm
operating temperature
-40 to 85 C
supply voltage
5 to 12 V
average consumption
34 mA
> 10 yr


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