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The Optical Ground Support Equipment (OGSE) offered by Solar MEMS allows customers to perform electrical and optical tests on SSOC and nanoSSOC sun sensors efficiently once installed on the satellite and during AIT activities. This equipment includes optical stimulators (OS) that can be used inside a TVAC chamber, a central control unit of small size (CCU), and a software for monitoring and checking.

Each OS includes four light stimulators to check separately or at the same time each quadrant of the sun sensor at different angles and light intensity conditions, and a mechanical head with different adapters according to each sun sensor model to be easily assembled and fixed mechanically. Each OS is connected to the CCU separately, which allows a maximum of 6 OS connected and operating at the same time to test 6 sun sensors simultaneously in the satellite platform or in the laboratory. The CCU has an internal processor with a software that allows communication with sun sensors and configuration of each OC. CCU can be connected to a computer to be controlled through an easy user interface.

Some key features of the Solar MEMS sun sensor OGSE include:

  • Compatible with nanoSSOC-A60,nanoSSOC-D60,SSOC-A60,SSOC-D60 (other models under request)
  • Maximum sun sensor connections: 6 units with simultaneous monitoring
  • Maximum optical simulators: 6 units connected simultaneously

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Last updated: 2022-05-04

Sun Sensor OGSE - Optical Ground Support Equipment



lead time
20 wk
power supply
5V (CCU)
power consumption
< 10 W
operating temperature
-20 to 60 deg C (CCU), no TVAC
-55 to 85 deg C (OS), TVAC


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