Space Inventor's EDISON In-Orbit Demonstration (IOD) Flight Opportunity is a 2024 mission opportunity for teams looking to achieve in-orbit verification and flight heritage acquisition for new technologies.

The mission is a part of the European Space Agency (ESA) Pioneer Programme and will launch to a polar orbit of approximately 500-550 km altitude.

Hardware delivery to Space Inventor is required by November 2023 for testing and integration, and the mission launch is expected to be in Q2 2024. The spacecraft is a 6U system.

After spacecraft commissioning, the period for IOD activities will last for 6 months, and additional time for IOD can be negotiated. The mission control centre is expected to be Space Inventor's premises in Aalborg in Denmark.

The cost of integrating and flying each payload, after deduction of the ESA contribution, is €144k. However, as this is a pilot mission for the In-Orbit Demonstration program, Space Inventor have decided to offer each payload provider a further price cut of another €50k, meaning that the ROM price for performing the IOD mission is €94,000.

This price covers the activities listed in the Preliminary Statement of Work shown below. Additional work can also be performed, such as the provision of non-standard, customized module interfaces, or other dedicated development activities. In such cases costs can be agreed on an individual basis.

Preliminary Statement of Work

If you take advantage of this opportunity in the EDISON mission, Space Inventor will:

  • Coordinate interfaces with you
  • Incorporate your equipment in the spacecraft design and design documentation
  • Undertake a Payload Acceptance Review for your equipment
  • Receive, handle, and integrate your equipment into the spacecraft
  • Perform environmental testing of the full spacecraft, including check-out of your equipment before and after the environmental tests, as well as perform reduced check-out during the test program
  • Participate in the planning of your in-orbit demonstration/validation program
  • Prepare and perform the post-launch operational procedures in accordance with the agreed in-orbit demonstration/validation program
  • Manager and undertake the launch campaign, including obtaining both launch and in-orbit third-party liability insurances
  • Provide downlink capacity for data from your equipment
  • Provide you with the down-linked telemetry data from your equipment, as well as auxiliary telemetry from other spacecraft subsystems as needed, to permit you to analyse the performance of your systems
  • Support in-orbit troubleshooting for your equipment if needed

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Last updated: 2022-12-19

EDISON In-Orbit Demonstration (IOD) Flight Opportunity



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