The PCDU-P3 is a twelve-channel power conditioning and distribution unit in a rugged, compact and modular enclosure. The system features six independent and customizable step-down converters and one boost converter, that can be connected to output channels as required. The PCDU-P3 architecture allows designers to allocate one subsystem per power channel, whereby many of the EMI issues experienced on shared power busses are eliminated. This makes the PCDU-P3 ideal for missions with demanding payloads and sensitive receivers.

To minimize thermal stresses and mitigate radiation, the PCDU-P3 is enclosed in 1.5 mm (min.) Al. The PCB is top-side only and mounted flush with the bottom of the enclosure, which reduces thermal resistance to the satellite body. With a standing height of only 12 mm and PC104 compatible mounting holes, the PCDU-P3 easily integrates with existing busses, without occupying excess stack space. All outputs have independent power monitoring and latch-up protection. Monitoring and configuration is enabled through the CSP protocol and onboard MCU. For convenience all connectors are CAN enabled.

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Last updated: 2021-10-21


3,825 EUR (engineering model)
4,500 EUR (flight model)



138 g
94 mm
91.14 mm
13 mm
data interface


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