The PVP Solar Panel series is a customizable series based on simple and few design principles providing a flexible and high quality set of photovoltaic solar panels.

The PVP series is designed on an aluminium back plate with a dual functionality as both solar panel back plate, structure and shielding. The cells are based on 2mm Al7075-T6 laminated with Kapton substrate. The PVP can be customized to accommodate payload cut-out, external antennas or sensors.

The PVP series come with a deployable option to maximize power input for the satellite platform. This include long and short axis deployment on 3U, 6U, 8U, 12U and 16U CubeSats.

The design also Integrates ancillary systems or components for communication and ADCS, hereby presenting an agile solar panel design that offers dense integrated functionality and a high level of freedom that is customizable for mission needs.

The solar panel design is based on a mechanical back plate either as a standard flat panel on front and back compatible with standard solar panel mounting holes. The aluminium back plate provides an ideal solution for adapting the core design to mission specific needs i.e. for mounting antennas or sensors externally on the panels or making a custom cut out to provide pay aperture to pass through the panel. PVP solar panels are provided in different configurations depending on the customer's need, this is to provide the Space Inventor configuration but also to conform to the standard solar panel mechanical interface with mounting holes and connectors for power harness.

For more advanced missions with higher power needs a series of deployable solar panels is available. Deployable panels are available in single, double and triple designs to provide maximum power input to the mission. The deployable configuration is based on the same design approach as above supplemented with a in-house designed hinges for maximizing stability while maximizing the number of cells mounted on the deployables.

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Last updated: 2021-06-25

PVP Solar Panel Series



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