The Space Inventor Star T3 is a star tracker system for micro and nanosatellite missions that uses an advanced star tracking algorithm and has a minimum lifetime of 5 years.

The Star T3 is a joint product developed with Terma A/S and Space Inventor ApS, and is based on a scaled-down version of Terma's T1 star-tracker.

The unit features a smaller optical system with a camera of 20 degrees circular field of view and CMOS Active Pixel sensor based optical head.

The sun exclusion angle is half-cone and as low as 37.5 degrees. The computer processing unit provides power to the camera while also housing the initial attitude determination software, and the star catalogue, and has the ability to implement relevant updated algorithms as needed.

Key features

  • The Sun exclusion angle of 37.5 degree (half cone)
  • CAN or RS422 Interface
  • Design lifetime of 5 years


Supplier in-house facilities:

  • Maker Lab (for prototypes, tool-making etc.)
  • Production Labs

Testing & qualification

Product-specific reliability testing

  • Radiation total dose tested EEE parts,
  • Vibration rated for all launch vehicles,

Supplier in-house facilities:

  • Test Lab
  • Cleanrooms for integration, test and checkout of complete satellites and flight hardware in general
  • Climate chamber, vacuum, and shaker for environmental tests>/li>

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Last updated: 2021-10-21


42,000 EUR (engineering model)
49,500 EUR (flight model)



350 g
60 mm
60 mm
88 mm
input voltage
7 V to 28 V (unregulated)
5 V
power consumption
2 W
pointing accuracy
< 2 arcsec (pitch/yaw @ 1 sigma)
pointing accuracy - roll
< 12 arcsec @ 1 sigma
update rate
5 Hz
slew rate
up to 0.3 deg s^-1 (full performance)
up to 1.5 deg s^-1 (reduced performance)
data interface
operating temperature
-40° to 30° C (full performance)
30° to 50° C (reduced performance)
survival temperature
-40 to 70 C
5 yr


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