The Space Inventor WHL-10 is a reaction wheel suitable for attitude control of 1U-3U CubeSats with a mission lifetime of up to 5 years.

The reaction wheel consists of an integrated 3-phase outrunner BLDCs and is made of the material Al-7075-T6. There are 6 coils in the stator and 8 Neodymium magnet poles in the rotor, and ferritic stainless steel is used for the rotors.

Two hybrid precision bearings on the sides of rotor are made of ceramics for longevity and for lowering friction in space.

The speed and acceleration of the reaction wheel is controlled by the internal microcontroller based on commands from the ADCS computer. The product is previously known as REWL-30.

Key features

  • Suitable for control of momentum, torque, speed, motor voltage, duty cycle
  • 8 Neodymium magnet poles in the rotor
  • Automatic motor flux reduction (FOC)
  • 6 teeth in the permanent magnet synchronous motor
  • 3-phase outrunner BLDCs
  • Designed for mission lifetime of 5 yrs

Flight heritage

The system has achieved flight heritage.


Supplier in-house facilities:

  • Maker Lab (for prototypes, tool-making etc.)
  • Production Labs

Testing & qualification

Supplier in-house facilities:

  • Test Lab
  • Cleanrooms for integration, test and checkout of complete satellites and flight hardware in general
  • Climate chamber, vacuum, and shaker for environmental tests>/li>

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Last updated: 2021-09-17


7,650 EUR (engineering model)
9,000 EUR (flight model)



2 mN m
angular momentum storage
10 mN m s @ 20,000 rpm
data interface
CAN bus with CSP


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