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Miniature Integrated Star Tracker (MIST)


Space Micro celebrated its 13-year anniversary in 2015 and continues to support the Space Industry with innovative, affordable and high performance Digital/Image Processing, RF Communication and Attitude Determination Sensor Products. Space Micro’s new miniature integrated star tracker (MIST) implements our patented radiation hardened electronics with a radiation hard custom lens in a .5U form factor. The key electrical components have many years of heritage in LEO space environments. Sharing many feature of our high performance µSTAR product, the unique software is flight demonstrated and provides superior robustness to false stars and accounts for imaging degradation over the unit lifetime. These features make the MIST the most advanced star tracker offered for CubeSat missions.


attitude knowledge error30 arcsec
update rate10 Hz
availability> 99 %
sun exclusion angle45 deg
slew tolerance1 deg/s
time to first acquisition< 1 s
mass500 g
length< 10 cm
width< 10 cm
height< 5 cm
power< 4 W
lifetimemin: 2 yr, max: 5 yr
radiation tolerance30 krad
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Last updated: 2018-03-27