Currently, CubeSat with a 10 cm cube (10×10×10 cm3) and a mass of up to 1.33 kg has become the lowest cost turnkey access to Space, which has become the most popular training/educational tools or low-cost technology demonstration platforms that could be developed and launched within a short period. The 1U CubeSat Training & Educational Package (1ucSTEP) aims to support participants to study space technology and satellite engineering by CubeSats technology. Satellite system design and engineering practice will be the basic baseline of this package. 1ucSTEP focused on educational skills and has been produced to train applicants with testing and operational skills. 1ucSTEP has its own facilities and support individual, user-friendly instruction & software packets. 1ucSTEP could be used independently or with the help of professional instructors, in the frame of short courses. In each course, the professional satellite engineer, as the instructor, will train the satellite knowledge, and share the satellite engineering experiences. The participants have the opportunities to join the process from the practical design, assembly, integration, and test of satellites. And how to operate and control the satellite will be shown by the real ground station. 1ucSTEP will give the chance to explore new space technologies, and carry your innovation invention or idea in the future real space mission. It will provide a direct way for participants to know the satellite, inspire the space interest, and explore the new space technologies.

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Last updated: 2020-07-29

1U CubeSat Training & Educational Package



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