The Space Vector Corporation High Power Lithium-ion Polymer Battery PN 39381-4 is a battery system designed for aerial and space applications. It is a flight proven product and consists of rugged aluminium housing. The system is mainly designed to use in maritime, aircraft, and satellite launch vehicles. It is accompanied by an additional charger/analyzer named PN 501371. The charger provides programmable protection and monitoring of the battery.


  • Satellite
  • Launch Vehicles
  • Aircraft
  • Maritime

Key features

  • High Continuous Discharge Rate of 125 A (5C)
  • Rugged Aluminum Housing
  • Stackable Configuration
  • D38999 Connectors
  • Integrated heaters for cold use (< -20°C)

Features of Charger PN 501371

  • Provides Programmable Protection and Monitoring
  • Cell Balancing during Charging
  • Battery Cycle History
  • Number of charge cycles, max/min cell voltage, current, temperature, and more
  • Standardized data interface provides instant health status and real-time telemetry
  • Integrated data acquisition
  • Programable discharge and pulse rates

Flight heritage

The system has achieved flight heritage.

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Last updated: 2022-06-07

High Power Lithium-ion Polymer Battery PN 39381-4



4.4 kg
battery type
battery capacity
20 Ah
battery pack voltage
21.6 V to 33.6 V (29.2 V nominal)
charge current
12.5 A, C/2 standard (50 A max)
discharge current
up to 125 A (continuous)
up to 200 A (pulse, ≤ 10 seconds)
discharge temperature
-20 to 60 C


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