Spacemanic's Deep Thought - the On-board Computer - is a high-power CubeSat OBC module suitable for nanosatellite C&DH, TT&C, mass storage, and ADCS.

The radiation-tolerant, plug-and-play system is compatible with a wide range of CubeSat components from third-party vendors as well as typical CubeSat standards.

Deep Thought is composed of a 32-bit Cortex-M7 core, rad-tolerant data storage (flash and multi-port SRAM) and an internal and external watchdog in the microcontroller for added reliability.

The OBC is provided with a full compilation of software drivers and a FreeRTOS-based operating system.

Key features

  • High-reliability and radiation-tolerant data storage
  • Robust, plug-and-play design
  • On-board temperature sensors
  • On-board gyro/acc/mag sensors
  • External on-board watchdog
  • Cubesat Space Protocol / AX.25 / KISS
  • Compatible with variety of commercial RTOS

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Last updated: 2022-10-20

Deep Thought - the On-board Computer



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