Spacemanic’s RA - the Solar Panels - are LEO-rated solar power generation systems for nanosatellite and small satellite missions. The system can be mounted on the satellite side or top and are available in custom designs with different cell layouts and sensor mounts.

The panels also feature a variety of options for interface accommodation. Versions are available with an integrated patch antenna for S-band communication, GNSS receiver or Iridium/Globalstar satellite communication system, as well as with an integrated electromagnetic coil for de-tumbling.

Composed of 2 AZUR Space 30% triple-junction GaAs solar cells in series configuration, the panels are compatible with a range of CubeSat vendor structures and Electrical Power Systems (EPSs).

Key features

  • Available for wide variety of nanosatellite sizes
  • Extensive flight heritage
  • LEO-rated at 2.3 Watts (1U side panel)
  • Space-grade protection diodes
  • Two AZUR Space 30% Triple Junction GaAs Junction Solar Cell in series configuration
  • Integrated temperature sensor TI TMP112
  • Integrated SLCD-61N8 photodiode
  • Variety of customization options are available including extra copper layer for radiation-shielding and a fake panel (without solar cells)
  • STL model for 3D printer available

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Last updated: 2022-10-20

RA - the Solar Panels



50 g (1U)
1.6 mm ± 10%
operating temperature
-40 to 125 C
data interface
I2C (temperature sensor and photodiode)
connector type
Molex® PicoBlade


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