Reaction wheel with brushless dc-motor SX-RW-50-2.0 is developed by SPUTNIX and allows to be used in up to 200 kg microsatellites. The Reaction wheel can be used in microsatellite ADCS for three-axis orientation building in orbit which allows to complete tasks of remote sensing, communication, celestial bodies observation, etc.

Reaction wheels developed by SPUTNIX provide stable operation in wide temperature range. Brushless dc-motor with innovative type of winding provides smooth and highly accurate torque. Special construction and assembly technology provide heavy loads resistance and high reliability during operation.

RW is developed by SPUTNIX specialists based on many years of experience in ADCS designing. This device is made as part of an ideology about the unity of hardware and software solutions of the company’s product line. As a result, it allows you to effectively use it with third-party on-board systems, as well as providing the fastest possible hardware and software integration into the spacecraft board with other SPUTNIX on-board systems.

Minimum 3 reaction wheels should be installed on the spacecraft.


  • Low consumption
  • Innovative type of winding for accurate torque
  • Special technology of magnetic core production minimizes magnetic loss
  • High-precision dynamic rotor balancing provides long-time performance of devices
  • Reliable bearing units with special space-applicable bearings provide stable operation during all lifetime of devices.
  • Reliable plug allows to connect and disconnect device multiple times during spacecraft preparation and assembly
  • Reaction wheel can be developed and produced individually in compliance with Customer’s requirements

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Last updated: 2020-09-07

Reaction wheel SX-RW-50-2.0



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