SX-SSM-01 is designed for use in orientation system circuit to determine the directional unit vector to the Sun. Information is presented in the form of projections of a unit vector on the axis of the coordinate system associated with the sensor. The basis of the work is the conversion of information about matrix photodetector exposure to sunlight. A known problem in the operation of sun sensors in low orbits is the exposure of reflected light from the Earth (Albedo). Our sensor uses algorithms which allow it to work with this kind of flare and provide the required accuracy. Minimizing the size and mass of our sun sensor allowed us to use it in CubeSat-format spacecraft. At the same time, it can be used in any other spacecraft. Sun sensor can be used as the main device in determining the orientation, or in combination with a star tracker in certain modes of operation of the spacecraft. Sun sensor is developed by SPUTNIX specialists based on many years of experience in ADCS systems designing. This device is made as part of an ideology about the unity of hardware and software solutions of the company’s product line. As a result, it allows you to effectively use it with third-party on-board systems, as well as providing the fastest possible hardware and software integration into the spacecraft board with other SPUTNIX on-board systems.

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Last updated: 2020-09-07

Sun sensor SX-SSM-01



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