200SP-M Smallsat Wheel


Surrey's Small Satellite 200SP-M Reaction Wheel provides a high agility and control solution for Earth Observation missions and is suitable for LEO and MEO. The 200SP-M wheel has its own microprocessor which provides low level control and data interfaces.

Including one wheel in your design will provide single-axis momentum bias; three wheels in orthogonal axes will provide three-axis zero-momentum control. Fly four 200SP-M wheels in a tetrahedral configuration to provide control redundancy.


lifetime7.5 yr
maximum torque0.240 N m
angular momentum storage12 N m s
operating temperaturemin: -20 C, max: 50 C
survival temperaturemin: -30 C, max: 60 C
mechanical vibration15 Grms
radiation tolerance5 krad
diameter240 mm
height90 mm
moment of inertia0.023 kg m^2
mass5.2 kg
dynamic unbalance14.4 g cm^2
static unbalance4.5 g cm
maximum angular speed5000 rpm
angular speed control accuracy< 0.6 rpm
maximum power145 W
idle power3.3 W
steady state power16.3 W
voltage dcmin: 24 V, max: 32 V
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Last updated: 2018-03-23