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SGR-05U - Space GPS Receiver


The Surrey Space GPS Receiver SGR-05U (\"University\") (1 antenna, 12 channels) is a spacecraft orbit determination system specifically designed for miniaturized satellite applications and CubeSat systems in LEO and provides position knowledge to 10m and velocity knowledge to 15cm/s. It has been developed as a low-cost standard COTS hardware product intended for university-type applications.

The SGR-05U is designed to use a single antenna and the core components of a GPS receiver to minimize size and power. The SGR-05U can either be embedded into a host module as an OEM (i.e. single PCB) or can be used with an interface board to provide more flexible power supply and interface capabilities.


GPS position accuracy< 10 m
GPS velocity accuracy< 15 cm/s
GPS time to first fix90 s
length70 mm
width45 mm
height10 mm
mass40 g
power0.8 W
operating temperaturemin: -20 C, max: 50 C
mechanical vibration15 Grms
radiation tolerance< 5 krad



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Last updated: 2018-03-26