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Surrey has developed its portfolio of small satellite platforms to meet demanding customer requirements for Earth observation, science, technology demonstration, and communications applications.The SSTL-150 ESPA is one of four Surrey platforms in the NASA Rapid III catalog.

The SSTL-150 ESPA is an efficient mechanical configuration of the SSTL-150 small satellite platform, which is able to take advantage of ESPA rideshare opportunities on a range of U.S. launchers and can accommodate a wide range of payloads for LEO missions.

The SSTL-150 ESPA platform’s versatility enables it to be used for a single-bus mission or for a cost-effective constellation mission. Its volume-efficient packaging, dimensions, and generic ESPA launch interface offer the potential for multiple buses to be simultaneously launched.

Surrey’s SSTL-150 ESPA platform avionics have accumulated over 30 years of in-orbit heritage and are at the heart of the CFESat and OTB ESPA-launch missions.

The SSTL-150 ESPA platform provides a cost-effective solution for flying a wide range of payloads with a variety of power and CONOPS requirements.



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Last updated: 2018-07-13