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The SSTL-300 is an enhanced version of Surrey’s SSTL-150 platform, offering a very flexible design which is capable of supporting a wide spectrum of implementations, payloads and structural configurations.

The SSTL-300 platform has a straightforward interface, making it ideally suited for use with customer supplied payloads. It provides versatile payload accommodation, is capable of carrying a wide range of payloads and delivers a 150 kg / 140 W baseline capability. The SSTL-300 is one of four Surrey platforms in the NASA Rapid III catalog.

The SSTL-300 is based on Surrey’s heritage platform design used for DMC-4 (launched October 2005), TopSat (launched October 2005), CFESat (launched March 2007) and the RapidEye 5-satellite constellation (launched August 2008) which have accumulated over 27 years of in-orbit heritage.

The SSTL-300 platform’s baseline capabilities are suitable for a wide range of missions and payload configurations; we also offer a Fine Pointing option for missions requiring enhanced pointing knowledge and attitude control.


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