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STM offers a 2U Standard Nano Satellite Structure, part of the NU series, that is compatible with the CubeSat Design Specification (all NU structures are compatible with PC104 standard).

All NU standard structures have 1U modular substructure elements i.e. U frames, rods, stand-off. All NU structures allow customers to assemble PCB stacks separately. Subsequently, all separated stacks can be integrated with main frames easily. Standard NU structures allows integration of PC104 stacks continuously.

In addition, Nano Satellite Structures have also modular designs that can be easily adapted to customer needs. STM can deliver custom design solutions to meet customer requirements.

The general features of the NU standard structures include the following:

  • Applicable configurations: 2 x 1U, 1 x 2U, custom
  • Available in 1U, 2U, 3U, 6U or upgraded versions (1.5U-8U-12U-16U etc.)

  • Modular design compatible with CDS and PC104 standards
  • Continuous PCB stack assembly and integration
  • Maximized stack height for each product (vertical stack orientation)
  • Maximum 95mm x 95mm custom PCBs
  • Non-magnetic materials
  • Primary structure material: Aluminum 7075 or 6061 / black or natural colored hard anodized
  • Secondary structure material: stainless steel
  • Included in standard package: 2 x 2U main frames, 4 x U module frames, 2 x kill switches with mechanisms, fasteners
  • Optional: threaded rods, hex stand-off parts, 2 x kill switches with mechanisms

Please note that spacers for circuit board stack are not included in standard product. Mechanical ground support equipment is available upon request.

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Last updated: 2021-05-11

NU02 - CubeSat Structure



181.8 g (primary structure)
248.5 g (total mass)
external length
100 mm
external width
100 mm
external height
227.0 mm


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