STM offers services for structural design and analysis of satellites and equipment, from nano- to microsatellites. Specifically, STM's structural design team provides services for the following topics:

  • Finite Element Modelling
  • Static Analysis
  • Thermoelastic Analysis
  • Modal Analysis
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Design Optimization
  • Structural Design
  • Structural Tests

STM's structural design experts create Finite Element Models (FEM) based on a product's solid model (CAD). Deformation, stress, strain, load flux, fastener loads and safety margins are calculated by linear static analyses. Deformations and line of sight deviations, which occur as a result of temperature changes, are estimated by thermoelastic analyses.

Modal analyses are used by the STM team to identify natural frequencies, which are important indicators for the design integrity. Dynamic analyses are employed to determine the response of the structure to sinusoidal and random vibration loads. Thanks to topology and sizing optimization with static and dynamic behavior objectives, including manufacturing constraints, mechanical requirements can be met by a more lightweight structure.

3D solid models are used for design and technical drawings, and are necessary for manufacturing and assembly. STM offers standard designs as well as custom design abilities. To achieve a lightweight structure, materials and fasteners are selected as necessary, and sandwich panels can be used where needed. STM also designs mechanical ground support equipment (MGSE), to be used during assembly and handling.

Within the scope of structural test planning, mechanical and thermal tests to be performed, test sequencing, instrumentation and load levels are defined for the customer.

Following tests, all measurement data is examined, results are assessed and reported. Design and analyses of test adapters, mechanical ground support equipment (MGSE) and hoisting parts, which will be necessary during the tests, are also conducted within the scope of structural tests. STM's Structural design team has expertise in static, vibration, acoustics, shock and thermal vacuum testing.

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Last updated: 2024-03-13

Structural Design And Analysis



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