The TELETEL iSAFT Mains Isolation & Transformer Unit (MITU) is a power distribution unit designed for space applications. It is designed to be used as high protection and filtered element in electrical supply for electronics systems that are part of EGSE, SCOE, ATE, etc. It has a class II isolation transformer. Some of its key features include input & output measures of voltage & current and redundant low voltage control circuits. The iSAFT-MITU transformer is designed to be powered on with low inrush current without the use of a current limiter. It also prevents start-up Issues without the possibility of power cut off from an input fuse or hardware failure on a current limiter device.

Key features

  • Class II Isolation Transformer
  • Input & output measure of voltage & current
  • Redundant low voltage control circuit
  • Input Overvoltage Suppressors (4332 model only)
  • Optional rack-mountable EPO with remote on/off and/or external EPO with Low Voltage Indicator
  • Rack mountable (411 / 413 / 415 / 435 models) or standalone 19’’ Rack Cabinet (4332 model)
  • Power supply cable (10m) with CEE input plug connector
  • Optional custom input plug connector and custom power supply cable length

Testing & qualification

  • EN 61558-1:2005/A1:2009
  • EN 61558-2-4:2009
  • EN 61011-1:2010

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Last updated: 2022-05-27

iSAFT Mains Isolation & Transformer Unit (MITU)



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