The Tensor Tech CMG-20m is an evolution of the CMG-10m and consists of two variable speed, single-gimbal Control Moment Gyroscope (CMG), specifically tailored for 6U CubeSats. Unlike traditional CMGs driven by two or three motors, One single CMG is driven by only one spherical motor, making it capable of minimizing into a CubeSat form factor. Serving as an attitude actuator component, the CMG-20 provides Torque and Speed modes through commands from the user’s onboard computer (OBC) or ADCS computer.

Furthermore, the CMG-20m has been designed to fit within the so-called “tuna can” of CubeSat structures, minimizing its volume within the satellite and enabling missions with larger payloads.

The user’s control system design can be simplified by adopting the torque mode, but it requires a tumbling rate of <1 deg/second. The speed mode allows the user to manipulate the inner rotor speed and the gimbal angle. It is designed for advanced users who independently derive the CMG steering and control laws.

Key features

  • High torque-to-power ratio compared with reaction wheels
  • Compact design allows for installation in a tuna can
  • Comprehensive software support and free technical support
  • Soft error and hard error fault detection
  • Magnetic leakage flux shielded with Ni-iron Alloy
  • Low jitter (micro-vibration) - ISO1940 G0.4 @ 8000 rpm

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Last updated: 2023-10-09

CMG-20m Control Moment Gyroscope




lead time
4 to 7 mo
maximum torque
< 1 mN m for 2-axis (adjustable)
< 2 mN m for 1-axis
< 500 g
2x Tuna-can & 0.2U
bus voltage
5 V
3.3 V
power consumption
< 1 W @ 5 V
< 1 W @ 3.3 V
maximum momentum storage
< 10 mN m s for 2-axis (adjustable)
< 20 mN m s for 1-axis
data interface
RS422/485 (optional, only one of the two can be selected)


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