The Tensor Tech FSS100 - Nano Fine Sun Sensor is designed to provide a compact, low power sun sensing solution with a high update rate. The system senses the direction of sunlight in two vectors, with accurate pointing knowledge.

The FSS100 enables the accurate measurement of the sun vector on a satellite body reference frame, using specially-designed optical structures and electronics. This information is used by the Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS) to facilitate attitude determination.

The FSS100 is east to integrate into a CubeSat and the system can also be operated as a coarse sun sensor if required. It has been designed to minimize suns sensing size and mass requirements.

A microcontroller is embedded, with an error table for a tabulated correction. This enables optimal performance to be extracted via in-factory calibration by Tensor Tech, or users can calibrate sensors by themselves using the supported software.

For less strict performance requirements, Tensor Tech also offers a coarse sun sensor: CSS100.

Key features

  • Sense sunlight direction on 2 axes
  • Embedded calibration error table and micro-controller
  • Designed to provide a high update rate with low power consumption

Flight heritage

The system achieved flight heritage in 2022.

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Last updated: 2022-05-25

FSS100 - Nano Fine Sun Sensor



lead time
2 to 6 mo
< 4 g
20.00 mm
10.00 mm
5.70 mm
supply voltage
3.3 V
power consumption
< 2 mA (sampling)
< 0.5 mA (idle)
field of view
±60 deg (±45 deg for optimal performaces)
field of view accuracy
±0.1 deg (within ±45 FOV)
±0.5 deg (within ±60 FOV)
sample frequency1
4 Hz
32 Hz
8 Hz
16 Hz
data interface
operating temperature
-20 to 60 C
> 3 yr

1. Adjustable by the user


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